To the people of Ireland with a general election coming inside of the next six months various political parties will be coming to your door or posting out flyers campaigning for your vote. They are likely to promise you the sun, moon and stars if you assure them that you will vote for them.

Many of us are painfully aware that politicians do not always keep their word. However I thought a friendly reminder from a fellow citizen might serve as a reinforcement of will against hollow promises and possible lies

Let’s take a look at some of FG’S  broken promises from the last election

  1. Fine gael promised
  2. Free health insurance for all children under 16
  3. 2,300 more hospital beds
  4. 2000 more gardai on the streets
  5. Tougher sentences, tougher bail for criminals
  6. Your money spent well, by sacking wasteful ministers
  7. Dramatic reduction in stamp duty

Oh! And Wait There Is More

  1. Investing seven billion in new energy, water broadband telecoms,infrastructure generate an average of 20,000 jobs a year
  2. They promised to prioritize cutting waste over raising taxes
  3. Reduce the cost of the public sector by eliminating 30,000 bureaucratic and administrative positions
  4. To reform our health service, eliminate long waiting lists and end the unfair private – public two tier system
  5. They promised to reduce the number of politicians buy 35%
  6. Better local government and a citizens assembly to address major issues like electoral reform and constitutional change



What Really Happened

Many kids had their medical cards cancelled. There is not free health care for all children under 16. This free insurance they promised never came into existence.

There have been a number of hospital closures over the last 5 years. Hence reducing the number of hospital beds in the country not increasing them, several hospitals are over whelmed and people are lying on trollies in hallways. Waiting lists reached an all-time high in June of this year

There increase of 2000 Gardaí never came to pass in fact 140 rural Gardai stations were closed. It’s only this year they recruited more Gardai . They did not do so in any other year since they came to power. Prison sentences are still to short ( light ) in this country and vast amounts of tax payers money is still to this day been wasted.


Although TDs and Senators already get allowances to cover the costs of running their offices figures released to TODAY FM under the freedom of information act show that since the last election politicians have run up a bill of €798,OOO WHICH WILL COME OUT OF TAX PAYERS MONEY. Printing off everything from business cards and news letters to sympathy cards

There’s plenty more examples of the waste of tax payers money listed on the internet

  1. Stamp duty has NOT changed since 2010 in clear contradiction to FG promise while they were running for office
  2. They have NOT reduced the cost of the public sector
  3. They have NOT ended the 2 tier system or eliminated long waiting lists in fact waiting lists have got longer
  4. They have not reduced the number of politicians by 35%

The fact that 80-100 thousand of us marched through Dublin in protest on 4 different occasions and their still trying to ram these water charges down our throats proves they don’t give a damn what WE think. The Citizens assembly never came to pass.



  • Fuel allowance scheme CUT from 32 to 26 weeks
  • Fuel allowance CUT by 25 %
  • Rent allowance cut
  • Clothing and footwear allowance cut
  • Disability Allowance entitlement age raised to 18
  • Disability allowance rates cut for over 18’s
  • Careers allowance cut
  • Telephone allowance AXED COMPLETELY
  • One parent family benefit cut for children over 7
  • Child benefit cut at least 3 times under FG & Labour ( 6 in total )
  • Illness benefit qualifying period RAISED from 3 days to 6
  • Invalidity pension CUT
  • Bereavement grant AXED COMPLETELY
  • USC Charge imposed
  • College Fees raised
  • Unemployment benefit for under 25’s cut in half
  • 80,000 people emigrating per year
  • Medical cards taken off the sick, elderly and terminally ill
  • Insurance levy imposed
  • Local property tax introduced
  • ATTEMPTING to charge us for our water that we already pay for through general tax.
  • Local services starved of funding
  • Gift card tax quietly introduced
  • Nepotism and cronyism still persisting big time under FG and labour


  1. Charles Haughey is said to have amassed €45 million due to corrupt dealings ( source of information Wikipedia. Page, corruption in Ireland
  2. Bertie Ahern signed blank cheques when he was minister for Finance without knowing who or what they were for.
  3. In 2008 Bertie Ahern spent € 220 thousand ( of tax payers money ) on a new office for himself when stepping down as Taoiseach.
  4. John O Donoghue spent €58,712 on a bathroom for himself. Not of his own money but of tax payers money
  5. He also spent a further €29,723 of tax payers money on carpets
  6. Liam Lawlor is called in front of the Flood Tribunal in relation to planning .
  7. Failure to co-operate with the flood Tribunal saw him jailed on 3 occasions. January 2001. . January 2002 and February 2002

There are many more incidents when politicians stock their greedy mit’s into the public purse and took more than their fair share. If anyone is interested all they have to do is look up political greed, political corruption, Or, mismanagement of funds on the internet.

For anyone who’s interested in amount of money that has been sucked out of our economy over the last number of years let’s not forget the Ansbacher – accounts , for a full list check out

ANSBACHER ACCOUNTS FULL LIST ( typed into a google search engine )

I implore you to make a difference , if we all vote for someone who hasn’t been failing to live up to their own promises OR over-helping THEMSELVES to the tax payers money. We can make a difference. We can beat corruption and we can win.

Article By a frustrated paddy grenham.

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