This is a real victory for all of us that stood up to this illegal corporation that is Irish Water. Furthermore, this warms the hearts of all of those who took part in protests. Either that be to march the streets of your local town or take part in national protests in our capital city.

Oh and of course to all of the silent protesters that refused to pay this illegal company a penny. Your actions helped to cement this victory and helped push Ireland forward towards a brighter future.
This shameful Irish Government tried to deceive its own people with lies and propaganda. Lets not forget who also assisted them in that propaganda which is obviously the shameful RTE propaganda machine which is RTE.

What Paul Murphy Says

“Remember when Enda Kenny refused to give us the payment levels and told us to “toddle along” to Irish Water?

Remember when they refused to answer as well?

Remember that then they refused an FOI request?

Remember a question to Minister Alan Kelly about it was ruled out of order for no good reason by the Ceann Comhairle?

Now we know why…. Five months later, after an appeal, we have the figures from Irish Water for payment levels on 18 May. 30% payment – 70% non-payment. No wonder they wouldn’t tell us, they had to try to bully some more into paying”

The Evidence


Irish Water Payments By Customers Revealed 30% Payed & 70% Did Not Pay: Bye Bye! Irish Water



6 thoughts on “Irish Water Payments By Customers Revealed 30% Payed & 70% Did Not Pay: Bye Bye! Irish Water

    1. Thats for sure John the establishment is on the run and we are on the move. Amazing example of what can be achieved by ordinary people who have more power than they realise. Bring on the 8th of December and we will ensure Irish Water goes for good.


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