Vital clues were missed that could have averted the Paris atrocities, it was feared last night as it was revealed that:

A heavily armed suspect was stopped on his way to the French capital more than a week ago but German police who uncovered an arsenal of weapons in his car did not tell anti-terror chiefs.

  • French official admitted ‘failure of intelligence’ as vital clues were missed
  • Heavily armed suspect was stopped but anti-terror chiefs were not alerted
  • One attacker was Parisian and had been on terror watch for five years
  • Two gunmen also sneaked into Europe by posing as refugees from Syria

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At least one of the terrorists was a Parisian who had been on a terror watch list for five years, but was not being monitored closely enough to be stopped before he took part in the murderous attack.

Greek authorities believe that two of the gunmen sneaked into Europe posing as a refugee from Syria – heightening fears that not enough security checks are being carried out on migrants.

As details of the killers’ identities began to emerge yesterday, Corinne Narassiguin, spokeswoman for France’s ruling Socialist Party, admitted: ‘Obviously there was a failure of intelligence.’
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